Just sign up on our website and click on shop now. You can choose between making a one-off-purchase or subscribing with us. If you opt to subscribe, we will deliver PALMS to your house for the number of weeks that you have subscribed with us.
First off, each bottle of PALMS is cheaper when subscribing, as compared to one-off-purchases. Secondly, if you subscribe, you are able to choose how long you would like to subscribe with us (frequency) and we will deliver the bottles accordingly.

PALMS is currently operating in Subang Jaya, Sunway, Damansara, Petaling Jaya and some parts Puchong only.

If you would like to see PALMS in your area, do send us an email at the Contact section of the main page!

PALMS delivers every Saturdays.
PALMS should be stored in the refrigerator at temperatures below 4°c and should be consumed immediately once opened.
Do not worry, pink coconut water is safe to be consumed and if anything, is just as delicious! Pinking in coconut water is naturally occurring and is clear evidence that we do not add any sugars or preservatives into our coconut water.
It is always best to consume your bottle of PALMS as soon as it arrives to ensure maximum freshness. A bottle of PALMS can typically last for 1 week under proper storing methods.
Immediately contact our team via our website or our Facebook page. Unfortunately, we do not carry out cash refunds. However, PALMS will refund fresh bottles in the event of spoilage. The new batch of bottles will be delivered straight to the customer`s house at no additional cost at the latest delivery date. Refer to our refund policy.
Subang Jaya & Sunway: 47500, 47507, 47600, 47610, 47620, 47630, 47640, 47650, 46150
Petaling Jaya: 46675, 46200, 47300, 47301, 47820, 46350, 46100, 47400, 46050
Puchong: 47140, 47150, 47160, 47170, 47180, 47190
Damansara: 47810, 47820