Palms 100% FRESH Coconut Water

PALMS is a 100% FRESH COCONUT WATER, no preservatives, no added sugar and no heating. Completely natural and tasty, just the way nature intended!

Because we do not involve heating in our coconut water, we were able to retain its benefits as a superfood. Not only is coconut water refreshing and rehydrating to the body, it is also packed with all kinds of antioxidants and nutrients that can greatly strengthen the immune system. Tasty and nutritious, PALMS is the perfect choice for everyone.


Because PALMS is such a natural product, proper steps have to be taken in terms of storing to ensure maximum freshness every time. PALMS should be stored in the refrigerator at temperatures below 4°c and should be consumed immediately once opened.

  • RM 6.50 Each Bottle(s)
  • RM 5 Each Bottle(s)